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Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Photo credit above, to Athlon Sports. Click through to their 175 Funny Fantasy Baseball Names article if my musing below doesn’t satiate your FB Name interests fully enough.

Wait, what, you kept reading?! What’s wrong with you?! You are gonna be horribly disappointed.


Every year, one of my leagues does a competition for who has the best team name, with the reward being some added $ to spend on free agency. I came close last year with…

#The #Trending #Hashtags

Hashtag notification concept

THIS YEAR my entry is…

The Cobbs But Not Leasts (a double meaning for an O’s fan who also drafted Cobb BEFORE he signed with the team)


Prior to this experience, I have a habit of naming my teams by literally looking around my room and finding random words, or looking at objects and describing them. This led to…

The Broken Sofa Beds


This is from a La Quinta Inn, FYI (SHOUT OUT!)

And perhaps my absolute favorite…

Frito Chili Cheese Chips



In case you are now hungry for some Fritos Chili Cheese Chips, enticed by those delectable ingredients, click here to buy a 64 pack.

SEE THERE WAS A REWARD FOR READING TO THE END. Put comments below of your favorite names you’ve used, just as long as they are not better than mine.


  1. The Cobbs But Not Leasts have a decent chance of winning the Orange & Black Unity Division in the Jobu’s Voodoo Lounge & Cantina Fantasy Baseball league

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