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Would you Rather…


Would you rather…

…be a fan of a team with an illustrious history dating back 117 years with 13 Hall of Famers, 11 pennants, and 4 World Series Championships…

…or a fan of a team with a brief history dating back 25 years with 0 Hall of Famers, 2 pennants and 2 World Series Championships?

Would you rather…

…be a fan of a team that from 1993-2005 that finished above .500 once, finished 26 games out of first place on average during that period and endured the second-losingest season of all time only to ascend like the phoenix from 2006-2014 led by 34 All-Star Appearances, 2 CY Young Award Winners and 2 MVPs and the first Triple Crown Season since 1967, with 5 playoff appearances, 4 trips to the ALCS and 2 trips to the World Series, but ZERO titles or….

…be a fan of team born in 1993, who rose up to win a championship in 1997 only to tear it all down by trading away their franchise stars in a series of cost-cutting moves, build the team back up for another World Series title in 2003, only to tear it down by all over again? Then from 2004 to the present compete admirably with very limited resources but never sniff another playoff appearance for 15 years and counting? And to cap it all off trade their first ever MVP to the dreaded Yankees?

Who would you rather be a fan of? The Detroit Tigers or the Florida/Miami Marlins?

As a Tigers fan, I often wonder which is better. A long-suffering fanbase finally blessed with a period of consistent contention featuring future Hall of Fame players playing in packed stadiums, but ultimately no championships or an expansion team built with prospects winning a title 4 years into its existence, ruthlessly trading away their players, only to win another championship six seasons later with an entirely different crop?

As someone who grew up in the 1990’s, witnessing the Tigers renaissance was a wonderful thing. Now that it’s over, it’s difficult to say if I’d trade it all for just one championship during that time period. Let’s say the Tigers won it all in 2006, then subsequently traded Verlander for a huge haul of prospects? Instead of the Tigers knocking the Yankees out of the 2011 & 2012 ALDS, what if Verlander was pitching that Yankees team to back-to-back titles? Would the single title have been worth it?

I’m curious to hear from Tigers fans, but also from the fans of teams that have never won the World Series. The Mariners and Nationals (formerly Expos) have never APPEARED in a World Series, but have both enjoyed long stretches of consistent winning. The Padres, Rangers, and Brewers all made it the World Series but never won it. Ditto the expansion Rockies and Rays.

How many of you would trade places with Marlins fans?

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