Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve

Per a new interview in The Athletic, Mark McGwire claims that he could have hit 70 home runs without the cocktail of performance-enhancing drugs he pumped into his body. Maybe […]

Dear Rob Manfred, fix the damn schedule!

MLB has a scheduling problem. There have been 12 postponed games since Opening Day.¬† It’s snowing in New York. There are 40 MPH winds in Chicago. It’s 20 degrees in […]

Would you Rather…

Would you rather… …be a fan of a team with an illustrious history dating back 117 years with 13 Hall of Famers, 11 pennants, and 4 World Series Championships… …or […]

Is this Cleveland’s year?

The 2018 baseball season has arrived. Finally. The offseason¬†was painfully slow. Trades were rare and organizations played serious hardball with free agent crop. Mercifully, the offseason is over. Let’s, start […]